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Following in the footsteps of his debut EP, which successfully visited his earliest musical influences, Aaron Leigh’s recent groundswell of original solo material continues with the upcoming release of the driving, straight-forward single, “Live For Today”. Featuring blistering lead guitar stabs from Tesla’s Frank Hannon, this up tempo gem is more indicative of his work as bassist with legendary Bay Area rockers Y&T.
With a powerful, instantly memorable chorus that’s more than relatable to his audience, Leigh aims to convey that the message wasn’t necessarily inspired, entirely, by the current pandemic. In an interview with Pat Martin of Sacramento’s 98Rock, Leigh states: “It was more about taking a look around in my world and realizing that things can be taken away in an instant. And the longer we live, we see this happening more and more, that things can just be stripped away. And for me that was touring. So it’s about looking around at where you’re at…and not living in the past or living for tomorrow, but living right where you’re at, right where you’re standing that day.”
Another excellent addition to the ever-growing Aaron Leigh catalog, “Live For Today” will be available on all major streaming platforms beginning Friday, June 25th!



Where do we go
Go from here
Only time will tell
Between heaven
Between hell
Where is the answer?

Nothing left to lose
Its what I gotta do

All that I want
For the price that I pay
If all is gone tomorrow let's live for today

I look around at what I see
I just can't believe it
What's right?
Right or wrong?
I see the light now it's time to turn it on

It's what it is, but where is the answer?
Living in a beautiful disaster
Cut it loose and set me free
Let it go cause I need some positivity, yeah!

Nothing left to lose
Do what ya wanna do

All that I want
For the price that I pay
If all is gone tomorrow
Let's live for today
All that I want
For the price that I pay
If all is gone tomorrow
We live for today

Live for today