From the recording KEEP MY DREAMS ALIVE (SINGLE)

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Keep My Dreams Alive."
Released on December 31st, 2023, in celebration of Aaron's birthday, this heartfelt song showcases Aaron Leigh's ever-evolving talent and artistry.
With a guitar driven, hard rock vibe, captivating melodies and an inspiring message of perseverance, "Keep My Dreams Alive" is a track that is sure to resonate with audiences.

Joining Aaron on this track is renowned guitarist Joel Hoekstra, known for his work with WHITESNAKE, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, CHER, and more. Speaking about the collaboration, Aaron states, "I had Joel in mind to play the guitar solos right from the start of this recording process. We had played together a few times on the Monsters of Rock Cruise, and I've always been blown away by his playing. He's truly one of the greatest guitarists out there today!"

"Keep My Dreams Alive" reflects on Aaron Leigh's personal journey, highlighting the sacrifices made along the way. The lyrics emphasize the importance of embracing change, facing adversity with strength, and finding solace in faith. Aaron's ability to play all the instruments on the track showcases his talent as a multi-instrumentalist and his ability to create soulful melodies and introspective lyrics that resonate with listeners.


My time paying my dues
I've learned a lesson that dreams come true
Sacrifice still paying my dues
I planned a future and realized the truth
My time your time too
You laugh, I cry
But what can I do
I'm gonna get down on my knees
Gonna beg and plead, With a flower in my hand I return to you, yeah!

Stand tall, you are the reason
I call, change is the season
If I should fall, heal me sweet Jesus
Ease my worried mind, keep my dreams alive

Graveyard late night shift
I mop the floors with my soul
I need a break, a chance to let go of what I know, I need some light to find my way
I feel the heat the dark side of heaven from below, I walk the road that brings me back home


Waking up to what is real
Time to change the way I feel